In our production process we use wood from trees planted by our fathers and grandfathers. We want to preserve the same heritage for our children, which requires of us to be good managers of natural resources and the environment. That's why we only use wood with certified origin that is guaranteed to come from forests with sustainable management and we try to handle it as efficiently as possible. Waste wood is used for the production of briquettes and heat for all the buildings, the drying kiln for wood and the finished products.

A photovoltaic power plant utilizing the cleanest source of energy is placed on the roofs of our buildings. In addition to reducing costs we protect our planet annually from 40 tons of CO2 emissions. Via our own borehole we get water which has been contaminated by the former agricultural activity in this area. We filter it every day and it is used as process water. By this we contribute to reasonable handling of drinking water.

We want to do more for our environment than just sorting waste.

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