Despite advanced automation by gradual incorporation of machines into our production procedures, there are still many operations where humans remain irreplaceable. The harmonized concept of merging human creativity with the efficiency and accuracy of machines gradually increased the efficiency, but it still guarantees sufficient flexibility. Thanks to the aforesaid, we are able to manufacture more than 80 different models of dining tables for more than 10 European commercial networks and brands.

There are technologies by leading worldwide manufacturers of woodworking machines located in the overall production area of 4500 m2, namely HOMAG, WEINIG-HOLZHER, SCM, GREDA, COSTA, etc. Regular updates of the machinery park keep the average period of machinery's use to about 5 years, to guarantee their accuracy, efficiency and operators’ safety. We deem 5-axes CNC wood cutters especially key, as they provide our designers with a wider range of opportunities to design new products, and they gain more freedom in their creative projects.

Wood is a unique, living material. It adapts itself to the relative air humidity and temperature of the environment it is located in, and achieves harmony therewith. This process is associated with volume changes in wood - its swelling and drying. Back in 1951, Keylwerth introduced graphics showing the behaviour of wood elements based on its environment. We use the graphics to monitor in detail the climatic conditions throughout the production process, and a high-pressure moisturising system is applied to adjust the production to a standard wood humidity in the interior, i.e. 8%. A detailed knowledge of wood in line with state-of-the-art technologies resulted in an exceptional series of massive furniture.

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