About the brand KARPIŠ

At the end of 1992 Alojz Karpiš founded his table making company. Within ten years he has established himself among the leading manufacturers of tables on the Slovak market and satisfied the requirements of thousands of customers.

Today our company manufactures tables with the latest CNC technologies the majority of which is exported to EU countries. Thanks to our specialization and expertise in processing solid wood we produce tables which are able to satisfy customers from all over the world.


The company's growth resulted in the change of its legal form on legal grounds in 2012. The Alojz Karpiš Nábytok company gradually transformed into Karpiš Nábytok s.r.o. Intense cooperation with professional designers positioned this both established and upgraded company as the premium manufacturer of furniture, accompanied by a changed logo and its entire corporate identity.

Our Company Moved

2006 – Our Company Moved

The original production facilities of the company located in a family house soon became inappropriate despite several reconstructions. Alojz Karpiš decided to take a strategic step and construct a new production facility in the industrial park Východ I. in Prievidza, giving rise to company production capacities and allowing for its further development.

2004 – Strategic Partner

Based on customers’ requests, the company introduced the KUBIS model in 2004, the first entirely massive dining table in its product portfolio. Alojz Karpiš addressed new strategic clients with the aforesaid updated product concept; one such client stands out for introducing the company's products to the German and Swiss markets.

Strategic Partner
First Export

1999 – First Export

Regular participation at Slovak and Czech furniture exhibitions made the company more and more visible. After cooperation with Czech clients soared, even though still considered local rather than foreign clients, the company's activity proved to be fruitful and the first larger exports to Hungary followed.

1993 – Start of the Business

Following the Velvet Revolution and the rules governing entrepreneurship being relaxed, Alojz Karpiš resumed the family tradition and, inspired by his father and grandfather, fully engaged in carpentry. He founded the company to manufacture tables, with three employees. The huge demand for quality furniture in the free market propelled the company's growth and attracted customers’ loyalty.

Start of the Business